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This website is a volunteer run effort to keep non Czech speakers living in the Czech republic adequately informed about the COVID-19 outbreak. All the information has been taken from reputable and trustworthy sources, however we cannot guarantee it's accuracy and some or all of the data might be out of date.

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Czech Republic Declares a State of Emergency

The Czech government has declared a State of Emergency as defined by the law number 110/1998.

WARNING: The borders with Germany and Austria are now closed except for the border crossings listed below. Crossing the border illegally might result in you being fined and/or jailed. From the available information it seems that the border will be patrolled by the Army and trying to cross it illegally might result in serious injury or death.

The following restrictions are now in effect:

  • Restaurants, pubs and other places serving food and drinks will be closed from 20:00 to 6:00
  • The public is banned from all entertainment venues, gyms, tanning salons, sport venues, swimming pools and wellness services.
  • All theater, music and other performances are banned. Movie theaters are closed.
  • All cultural, religious, sport and other gatherings, expositions, performances and other gatherings above 30 people are banned.
  • Crossing the border from Germany and Austria is now only allowed on a few border crossings. The borders will be patrolled by the Army.
  • All Czech citizens are banned from traveling to the following affected areas: China, Italy, South Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria.
  • Any travel from the aforementioned countries is banned.
  • All Elementary and higher schools are closed

Open Border Crossings with Austria:

  • Dolní Dvořiště – Wullowitz
  • České Velenice – Gmünd
  • Hatě – Kleinhaugsdorf
  • Mikulov – Drasenhofen

Open Border Crossings with Germany:

  • Strážný - Phillippsreut
  • Pomezí nad Ohří - Schirnding
  • Rozvadov-dálnice - Waidhaus
  • Folmava – Furth im Wald/Schafberg
  • Železná Ruda – Bayerisch Eisenstein
  • Krásný Les - Breitenau
  • H. Sv. Šebestiána – Reitzenhain

The following border crossings are open between 5:00 and 23:00 for people who commute regularly to Austria or Germany:


  • Vratěnín – Oberurnau
  • Valtice – Schrattenberg
  • Nová Bystřice – Grametten
  • Hevlín – Laa an der Thaya


  • Všeruby – Eschlam
  • Jiříkov – Neugersdorf
  • Vojtanov –Schönberg
  • Cínovec - Altenberg

We will keep updating this page as new information becomes available.