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This website is a volunteer run effort to keep non Czech speakers living in the Czech republic adequately informed about the COVID-19 outbreak. All the information has been taken from reputable and trustworthy sources, however we cannot guarantee it's accuracy and some or all of the data might be out of date.

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Hi, I’m Jake, the guy behind, a website designed to inform expats living in the Czech Republic about the current state of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

I’ve started the project after seeing my friends and colleagues who don’t speak Czech and didn’t understand the local news struggle with the lack of information about this health emergency.

At first, I was footing the bill from my own pocket. Unfortunately, there are now tens of thousands of page views per day and the current server simply cannot handle the load which means I will have to upgrade to a bigger and faster server to handle everything.

The running costs for the server and supporting infrastructure is about 50 EUR per month. I normally wouldn’t ask for money like this but with the current situation, every spare Euro is worth a thousand.

Any leftover money will be donated to the Czech branch of Doctors Without Borders .

I wanted to use something like Kickstarter, unfortunately I couldn’t find a reputable fundraising service that would accept signups from the Czech republic.

You can either send the money with PayPal or directly to one of the following bank accounts. Any amount of money, even as low as a few cents helps and is greatly appreciated. Please use PayPal if at all possible to avoid the exorbitant fees some banks charge on international transactions.

Paypal in CZK

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Czech Crown bank account

CZ account number: 115-5658290297/0100
IBAN number: CZ7001000001155658290297

Euro Bank Account

IBAN number: BE31974028968455

The Czech crown account is in the Czech republic, the Euro account is in Belgium.

Thank you in advance for your incredible generosity.

Disclaimer for legal reasons: This is a voluntary donation to a non-business individual. I am not a non-profit or a business as defined by the Czech law. All transactions are final and non-refundable. By making a donation, you acknowledge that the transaction is not refundable and you will not be receiving any physical, digital or other goods and/or services in exchange for the money sent.