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This website is a volunteer run effort to keep non Czech speakers living in the Czech republic adequately informed about the COVID-19 outbreak. All the information has been taken from reputable and trustworthy sources, however we cannot guarantee it's accuracy and some or all of the data might be out of date.

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WARNING: Starting Monday, March 16th 2020, a state-wide quarantine is in effect.
All free movement, except for neccessary travel to work, to stores selling food and medicine, to hospitals and close relatives is banned.
Additionally all Czech citizens and Foreign nationals with a visa longer than 90 days are banned from leaving the country and only the aforementioned will be allowed entry to the country.
Moreover, by a new government resolution, all shops except those selling food and everyday need items, pharmacies, gas stations and shops selling toiletries are now closed.

If you know anyone who is living in the Czech Republic and doesn't speak Czech, please share this site with them.

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Breaking News (Times are in UTC+0)

11:23 - The only COVID-19 patient in the Czech Republic undergoing treatment with the new experimental drug Remdesvir is showing signs of recovery and should be able to survive without the help of an external blood oxygenator (ECMO) very soon.
11:04 - Second COVID-19 patient, a 45 year old man, has died in the Czech Republic.
19:40 - There has been a first confirmed death caused by COVID-19 earlier today in the Czech Republic. A 95 years old Man died in a hospital in Prague.
14:34 -

The Czech mobile maps application has a new feature that can warn you when you enter an area affected by COVID-19. The app can be downloaded from both the Apple AppStore and Android Play Store and is available in English but the translation for this particular feature may not be complete.

You can download the Android version here and the iOS version here

14:29 - There are now 925 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5 confirmed recoveries in the Czech Republic.
11:13 - There are now 774 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
16:38 - There are now 631 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
11:02 - By a new government resolution, all citizens are now required to wear some type of face protection (surgical mask, respirator, scarf etc.) in public.
10:59 - There are now 464 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
17:44 - There are now 434 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
15:11 -

Many of the border crossings are now being patrolled by the Army.

10:43 - SUKL, the Czech variant of the FDA has approved the use of Remdesivir, a novel antiviral drug, to treat patients in a critical condition.
10:41 - According to the Ministry of Health, three of the COVID-19 patients are in a critical condition.
10:37 - There are now 383 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.
17:25 - There are now 344 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.
15:59 - There are now 3 confirmed recoveries, all in the Usti region.
09:33 - There are now 298 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
22:23 -

Beginning Monday, there will be an 8 days long quarantine. Except for commuting to and from work, visiting stores and pharmacies all free movement in Czech Republic is banned.

17:44 - There are now 253 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
12:44 - There are now 231 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
21:21 - There will be stricter punishments for some crimes during the state of emergency. Knowingly spreading infectious diseases, including COVID-19, will be punished by up to 12 years in prison. Stealing will land you in prison for up to 8 years and leaving quarantine will be punished by up to 6 years in prison and up to 3 million crown fine.
17:39 - There are now 189 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
16:46 - There are now 174 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
14:52 - If you or someone you've come into contact with attended a ball in the Gala Hotels in Marianske Lazne on March 7th, 2020, please stay home and contact your doctor immediately. There might have been an infected person attending.
13:04 - By a Government resolution, effective immediately, all restaurants and shops are closed. Exceptions include: pharmacies, shops selling toiletries, shops selling food, gas stations and shops selling important everyday items.
12:59 - There are now 150 confirmed cases
18:19 - There are now 141 confirmed cases
15:37 -

The Ministry of Interior (Ministerstvo Vnitra) has issued a new travel advisory. Here are both the old and the new version translated to English.

New version, valid from March 16th

Old version, valid until March 16th

14:32 - There might be 2 new cases. This has not been confirmed yet.
14:26 - Smartwings and CSA (Czech airlines) are cancelling all flight to and from the Czech Republic.
12:46 - There are now 120 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
12:21 - Knowingly spreading the COVID-19 virus will now be classified as a crime in the Czech Republic.
11:31 - Only airplanes carrying Czech citizens will be allowed to enter then country.
11:20 - Starting March 16th, 2020. All Czech Citizens and foreign nationals with residency or visa for more than 90 days will be banned from leaving the country.
11:16 - The Czech borders will close entirely on March 16th, 2020. All foreign nationals, except those with permanent residency in Czech Republic will be banned from entering the country.
11:04 - Litomerice is preparing food packages for senior citizens who are unable to buy food themselves.
11:00 - The hospital in Brno Bohunice is under a cyber attack and is transferring patients to other hospitals.
10:59 - There are now 117 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.
21:31 - A nurse from Frydek-Mistek has been confirmed infected with COVID-19.
21:30 - Ceske Drahy (Czech Rail) will stop all trains between the Czech and Slovak Republics on Friday, March 13th at 7am.
21:12 - There are now 116 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic. 22 more than yesterday.
20:18 - Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior adviser to Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran had been confirmed as infected with COVID-19
20:10 - The government will meet on Friday, Match 13th 2020 at 8am in \"Straka's Academy\" for an emergency conference.
19:56 - The intraday growth of confirmed cases in the Czech Republic for today is 19 so far.
19:31 - There are now 113 confirmed cases in the Czech Republic.
19:25 - Rome will close all churches until 3rd April.
19:08 - There are 3 more unconfirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic.
18:59 - OPEC changes this year's oil production increase estimate from 920k barrels per day to 60k barrels per day.
18:48 - Tyrol (Austria) will close all large ski resorts from sunday.